Grange Rochester Hotel London

Irving (Georgia)
I was looking for a hotel to stay for 1 night and I needed this hotel to be close to the transportation links with Victoria district. Certainly for one night I did not want to pay too much and the beast deal I found was the Grange Rochester Hotel- I happened to arrive to the hotel during their promotion offers and got a discounted rate - thus my stay proved to be even better and cheaper than if I would stay directly in Victoria area in a lower category hotel. Though I liked the room I had I would not recommend this hotel for the families - rooms are not spacious enough for 3 and more persons.

Edna (Cameroon)
A year ago spent some nights with my girlfriend at the Grange Strathmore Hotel London. The hotel is furnished and decorated in the traditional English style. Our room was too. My girlfriend liked the furnishings at the room and I was impressed by the bathroom - it was large and very clean. We had our room on the third floor but it was not a problem when having a lot of luggage - there is an elevator at the hotel.