Thistle Marble Arch Hotel London

Elisey (Russia)
Our enjoyable stay at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel. was arranged in advance, we know that this perfectly located hotel is very popular and coming there for the third time we were aware about provisional reservation of the rooms. Big hotel, nice decor, clean rooms with pleasing furnishings. I also liked the bathroom - clean and no odd spots which you might see at the other hotels. Even the rust spot near plughole my zetetic wife managed to find near the plughole was wiped out after we informed the maid about it. Some fittings need to be renovated but really work nice without it as well.

Fenella (Scotland)
My future husband and me recently visited London and spent two nights at the Thistle Tower Hotel (now Tower a Guoman). The room we had was a standard twin, but thanks to the ninth floor we had a great view over St Katherine's Dock and the City. The hotel has undergone recently refurbishment but our room was not the one of the luckiest. However it was clean and agreeable- it was a great deal for London as we got a discount and enjoyed our stay!