Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel London

Daryna (Ukrain)
The hotel Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel is impeccably neat, with magnificent surrounding, large cozy bedrooms and nice bathrooms. I found bed linen immaculately white and fine. Drinks and beverages at the local bar are a bit expensive and the choice of the drinks is not that various as it could have been. The other hotels, I stayed at, can really offer more. However it is a nice hotel. I really will come back here and bring some friends with me.

Holger (Norway)
Our local Travel Agency booked Royal Horseguards Hotel London for us as a week-end trip, frankly speaking we were not disappointed with the matter. The rooms were just wonderful. Everyone at the hotel was really helpful, kind and friendly starting form check-in procedure and finishing with the luggage left in the hotel's safe. What I liked most of all was the bathroom in our room - luxury toiletries, yielding towels, the bath-tub was obviously modern and newly brought to this room. My husband was crazy about the continental quilt since he could use it as bedding - we were sleeping as if on the clouds. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning.