Holiday Inn Bloomsbury Hotel, London

Elin (Sweden)
Many times during this year I stayed at Holiday Inn Bloomsbury Hotel and always I enjoyed that good experience from this hotel. In comparison with the other hotels in London of the same price range this one undoubtedly scores. The personnel were pretty polite (there always might be odd exceptions at any hotel!), convenient location of the car parking - just under the hotel - is a definite advantage. Nutritious and rich breakfast. The hotel is less pricey than the other ones.

Agata (Czech)
Our big family of 2 adults and 2 children accommodated at Holiday Inn Brent Cross London for 14 nights in July. The hotel is very neat and offers free parking places. We found that the rooms are supplied with satellite TV - very nice to watch in the night after a hard day out. Mini-bar, hairdryer and other amenities really make a family's stay easier and more comfortable. Full breakfast is nice to invigorate for the whole day of sightseeing. The hotel's location is perfect if you intend to watch attractions and other sights than Oxford Street shopping venue.