Rembrandt Hotel London

Piran (Cornwall)
For the third time I chose Rembrandt Hotel London. for my stay in London. The hotel is a dream. All those who say that were disappointed with their stay should think of whose fault it is! We have spent our honeymoon at this hotel and I had notion of the renovations at this hotel - that is why I called them and asked to give us a room away from the construction works. I consider it to be very friendly of them to accommodate us in another section. Though we had to pay extra GBP 30.00 we got a Superior room with a spectacular view and the room was like a playing field.

Ariadna (Poland)
We stayed at City Inn Westminster Hotel for a half of week. I found the service and food to be descent while my husband preferred the bar upstairs, considering it to be relaxing and comfortable for spending lots of time there. Before this alternative I always insisted on staying at the British Motorway Motels, actually I was right. This hotel caters for business travelers, who only need to sleep and eat. I would not advise week-end stays at this hotel, it is not that luxurious enough and not so many entertaining facilities in it.