Eric (Toronto)
Pioneer Beach Hotel The little restaurant right outside the hotel was brilliant, they had a special local dish on every day for lunch. They served us a lovely cup of coffee and then a couple of nice glasses of wine, and they were very pleasant and helpful. It was good fun with really good live entertainment and the money went to the charity, which was great!

Andrea (Acapulco)
I would definitely go back to Paphos and probably the Riu Cypria Bay Hotel. I understand they have a sort of 'returners club' which means if you go a few times you get 'points' and presents - lots of people we met were on their third, forth and even in one case sixth visit. At this time of the year its pretty full of older people so probably not for the teens/twenties, but for us 40 plusses. It was a good week. Overall, very good but could do with some renovating.