Cameron (Birmingham)
Out of all hotels in Limassol I chose (Pegasus Hotel Apartments) for my short trip in early July. I really liked hotel's site and decided to try it. I went for "design". Actually I did like the property generally. The problem was the lack of basic. Lack of essential things like water and electricity is absolutely unappropriate for all hotels especially for those which position themselves as deluxe or tend to be. So it's up to you what to choose Design or Comfort.

Sofia (Uruguay)
I would return to (Demero Apartments) in an instant if it could be picked up and moved to another location! We stayed for a week in August and were really impressed by the beautiful decor and stylish vibe that oozed from every pore of this place. The style is very chic and minimalist without being too stark and soul-less. It's an extremely unwinding environment.